Wildflowers Flavours LTD


Your wedding doesn’t need to cost the earth! Eco solutions for a happy wedding day for you and our planet.

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Lots of Knots



Handmade plant hangers, jewellery, wall-hangings and all things boho. Chord and crystals galore.

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Bespoke furniture design based in Kent. Products made from reclaimed materials, used for a rustic/industrial aesthetic.

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Muscular Dystrophy UK is a UK based charity supporting those who are dealing with congenital muscle wasting conditions. They support locals through a variety of means, provide fund raising opportunities, and provide valuable resources to research into congenital diseases.

Bobinski Tattoo generously provides monthly donations, as well as providing you, the customer, an opportunity to offer your help by donating in store.

For more information on muscular dystrophies and/or Muscular Dystrophy UK please see their website and social pages.

Instagram – @musculardystrophyuk

Website –MD UK